How the SCALE pilot turns trash into treasure

The SCALE pilot plant uses ionic liquid to extract rare earth elements from the bauxite residue (red mud) of alumina production.


Critical raw materials & scandium inventory workshops concluded

The Critical raw materials data management & European scandium inventory workshops took place with great success, in Berlin, Germany, on 26-27 November 2018. The workshops were co-organised by SCALE and the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM).

To download the presentations and view photos from the events, please visit the Workshop Results page.


The 4th progress meeting took place in Berlin

The 4th progress meeting was held at BAM in Berlin on the 28th of November.

At the 2 year mark of the project, all research streams have produced significant results and the SCALE pilot facilities are being commissioned according to plan.


SCALE co-organises second Annual Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) event

The second Annual Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) Event offers an opportunity to a variety of stakeholders to get a fresh update about the latest EU activities in the field of Critical Raw Materials. The event will take place on 12 November 2018, during the Raw Materials Week 2018 and is co-organised by the European Commission, the following H2020 projects: SCRREEN,  CROCODILENEMODEMETERREE4EU,COLLECTORS, GLOREIA, EXTREMESCALESLIMINT-MET, ECO COM’BAT, and SustCritMat.

Following the success of the Raw Materials Week 2017, the 3rd edition of the EU “Raw Materials Week” will take place from Monday 12 to Friday 16 November 2018 in Brussels. It builds up on a series of events organised by the European Commission addressing the latest news on raw materials in the EU. It will be a unique opportunity for the raw materials community to discuss and exchange on all relevant issues: policy, technology, international cooperation, framework conditions, knowledge base etc.

The 6th High Level Conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials is the main event of the week taking place on 14 November 2018. The main topic of the conference is “Raw materials for low carbon and circular economy”, covering relevant issues including battery value chain, cascading of woody biomass, secondary raw materials for energy-intensive industries.


SCALE at Researchers’ Night

SCALE project presented at the “Researchers’ Night” event in Stockholm, September 28th, from Prof. Kerstin Forsberg of the KTH – Royal Institute of Technology.

Researchers’ Night is a Europe-wide public event dedicated to popular science and fun learning. It takes place each year in September. Around 30 countries and over 300 cities are involved. Participating events showcase what researchers really do for society in interactive and engaging ways, promoting research careers to young people and their parents.


Critical raw materials data management and European scandium inventory workshops

Critical raw materials data management &
European scandium inventory workshops

26-27 November 2018 Berlin, Germany

—UPDATE: the workshop was concluded successfully. To download the presentations and view photos from the events, please visit the Workshop Results page.—

The German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) in cooperation with the SCALE Project, is organizing a workshop on secondary raw materials/ urban mining data management in close connection with a scientific exchange platform for stake holders of the European scandium inventory.


26th of November

European data management platforms –
how do we use, maintain and finance them?

27th of November

Recovery of scandium from primary and secondary resources, scandium purification and production of scandium metal and alloys


Organisational Information for the Workshop


BAM Adlershof
Richard-Willstätter-Straße 11, 12489 Berlin
House 8.05
Conference room 201, 1.OG

Please note:

  • Both events will take place at our BAM facilities in Adlershof (AH, a part of Berlin situated in the south east)
  • The correct address is: Richard-Willstätter-Straße 11, 12489 Berlin, GERMANY
  • Note: There are two other branches of BAM in Berlin, be careful not to confuse these with our branch in Adlershof
  • There are lots of hotels near Adlershof and it is reachable by public transport


We will provide a cold lunch buffet and coffee during coffee breaks and registration

Photography and video:

Please note that photos and videos will be taken during the event for corporate communications.

Contact info

Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)
M.Sc. Marie Hoffmann and Dr.-Ing. Christian Adam
Richard-Willstätter-Straße 11, 12489 Berlin, Germany
T: +49 30 8104 3861

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Scale at the workshop on social acceptance in the European raw materials sector

Scale participated at the workshop on social acceptance in the European raw materials sector. The cluster event on public acceptance and trust took place in Brussels on 5 June 2018. This event focused on the activities undertaken by almost thirty Horizon 2020 mining and processing projects that work on improving public acceptance and trust of such activities, by means of an exchange of ideas, plans and best practices.


The 3rd progress meeting took place in Hamburg

The 3rd Progress Meeting of SCALE and its 1st Project Review took place on the 27th  and 28th of June 2018 at the industrial plant of AOS in Hamburg, Germany


Addition of Scandium to the USGS critical minerals list

The new USGS critical minerals list includes besides Scandium,  Aluminum (bauxite) and Titanium, the two key materials from where the SCALE project expects to extract the Scandium from in the EU.

Download the list

The full list includes: Aluminum (bauxite), antimony, arsenic, barite, beryllium, bismuth, cesium, chromium, cobalt, fluorspar, gallium, germanium, graphite (natural), hafnium, helium, indium, lithium, magnesium, manganese, niobium, platinum group metals, potash, the rare earth elements group, rhenium, rubidium, scandium, strontium, tantalum, tellurium, tin, titanium, tungsten, uranium, vanadium, and zirconium.


Social Acceptance in the European Raw Materials Sector Workshop

SCALE will be present and presenting at the Cluster event for ongoing projects funded by HORIZON 2020 on Social Licence to Operate in Brussels on the 5th of June

This highly interactive event will illustrate the approaches taken and lessons learnt throughout thirty EU H2020 projects and key stakeholders, including a consideration of how European funding can be used to develop new schemes or improve existing ones. It is an opportunity to learn from good practices in Europe as well as from outside Europe. The workshop will be hosted by EASME.